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pleasure_garden's Journal

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F.o.P Headquarters for the Criminally Perverted.
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Super Junior, Kat-tun and NewS fanfiction.
pleasure_garden = the insane ramblings of beevosteethos & no1_jo) otherwise known as the F.o.P.

Warning, stepping inside the F.o.P Pleasure Garden could be slightly detrimental to your health, and therefore the team would like to state that they accept zero responsibility for any side effects resulting in your visit.

Side effects include, but are not exclusive to:
♥: Uncontrollable drool or other emissions
♥: Fixated staring at beautiful men (even if you are male and have had no previous homosexual tendencies)
♥: The need to talk for hours about perverted, often highly embarrassing subjects
♥: All loss of pride

Warnings aside, feel free to step inside the pleasure_garden, the F.o.P welcome you.

Thanks to chiharu//chiharu_testing for the layout and code (modified by beevosteethos)

(Disclaimer : We do not own a single cell of any of these boys much to our dismay, all writings herein are complete works of fiction, not to be taken seriously, but hopefully enjoyed all the same. )

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