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Fic - Punishment 
24th-Oct-2009 04:21 pm
Jin oral fixation
Title: Punishment
Pairing: Pin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mentioned het, death, torture.
Words: 736
Summary: One night of passion with a nameless girl has its price.
Comments: Written completely and totally for Vix myxstorie. Who tempted me that Pin are too cute to have death fic be grusome rather than poignant. So extra warning, this is NOT fluffy in any way.

The minute Yamapi walks in the door he realises the magnitude of what he's done.

One night of no strings attached, show your true face because they're not going to be seeing it again, type fun with a girl that was more legs than brains, absolutely perfect for his needs right now, a person that surrounded him perfectly with a grip of pale thighs about his waist and no questions slowing the tongue that he tangled his own with. She was exactly the soft curves that he long for, faced with hard planes and deep groans for so long, rapidly sliced out of his memory by the shrill whines and moans punctuating the pressure of sharpnails marring the skin strectched taut over his shoulderblades.

One night of however many minutes of pleasure and each milisecond is magnified a million times in white rage covering oozing red pain projected through Jins eyes as Pi catches his gaze.

It makes him catch his breath faced with the power of that glare, thanking the heavens that looks could in fact not kill, or he would be in thousands of agonising pieces of beaten flesh.

He was right, looks couldn't kill. But Jin could.

The minute Jin sees Yamapi walk in the door, he knows what he's done, can smell the cheap whore's perfume permeating the air around the other man as he enters their apartment, each molecule of scent scraping its way down his respiratory system and burning the insides of his throat and lungs like acid, the foul stench not happy until it polluted him along with his friend.

And the harder he stared, the more he saw, the slight blush still lingering about his cheeks bones, a bruise dark and forboding attempting to hide beneath the collar of his shirt and as Yamapi turned to lock the door behind him, fine lines of red shone, faint through the white fabric but unmistakeable proof of his activities.

But the bastard acted like it was nothing, striding confidently over to press his lips to Jin's whether it be appeasing or apologetic, he didnt know nor care. His hand shot out to wrap strong fingers around a thick throat halting the tainted lips progress towards his own before they could tarnish him farther, heaving the younger man backwards to sprawl on the floor, an expression of confusion painted upon his cheating face.

Jin can't bear it any longer, seeing trails of flourescent betrayal painted across previously tanned and gorgeous skin, a map of touches in tangled spiderwebs of memory and they needed to be gone.

He didn't even hear the screams and the pleas as he straddled the other man, anger and madness dictating his actions now as he tore at the offending skin. Digging out rivets of flesh with his fingernails and tearing bloody strips off the other mans body. His vision, already so red with hate, was blind to the blood oozing from the gashes he was ripping, painting the tan skin a macabre halloween scene of its former surfer boy perfection.

A creature possessed with vengence, Jin foud himself moving down the other mans body in a parady of oral pleasure preparation, drawing out the vile implemant that had pierced that slut, and sinking vengeful teeth into the soft flesh and pulling his head sharply backwards ignorant of the shriek he drew with him.

But it wasn't enough, he had to remove every trace of the whores presence or Pi would never be clean, he'd still seen her. The eyes had to go.

His fingers felt ungraceful as they prodded at eyesockets to gouge out those brown reflections of what the other man had done, and it was an unrestrained yell of triumph as he finally pried one from its nest, noting that his glee wasn't the only noise in the room, that the thing beneath him was attmepting to talk, attempting to reason. But all Jin could hear was 'I have tasted her with this tongue, I have savored her skin and plundered her mouth, thousands of miniscule taste buds still harbor the fluids of that skank, I will be able to relive her forever.'

The incoherent gargles as that gloating muscle was ripped loose and stuffed once more into the obscene offifice fell silent before long, the crowing of Jin's final triumph shattering the morbid silence of the tattered body finally accepting its fate.
24th-Oct-2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
Wow. Very... gruesome. And vivid. It makes it harder to read when it's so easy to picture, which, I think, makes it better. It's been a while since I read this kind of fics, thank you for writing it! Wish it could have been longer!
27th-Oct-2009 02:28 am (UTC)
Yay! I was hoping it wouldn't seem too far fetched and come off very comical and stupid XD SO thank you!!!! <333333

Yeah, i'd like it to be longer too tbh, but this was very spur of the moment, and I know me, if I don't finish it when I start then it'll sit around on my computer forever collecting dust :P
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