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Drabble: Perfect Audience

Title: Perfect Audience
Bands/Pairings: Junno [Kat-tun] + Leeteuk [SuJu]
Rating: PG
Warnings: unique laughing
Words: 219
Summary : Junno finds his perfect audience
Comments: Written for a request for the jpop/kpop corossover meme
And a video of the oh so unique laugh of Leetueks ^_^ and Junno's one liner XD

Super Junior had been a foreign guest on Music Station, a lame attempt by their management to broaden the market for their music, and meaning a very squashed seating arrangement for everyone involved.
Come on, 13 members is pure INSANITY, they say the more the merrier but seriously, it must be totally confusing!!

However, of the 13, one member stood out and grabbed his attention even in the overwhelming crowd. It was his laugh. Such a unique musical, unhindered laugh. No sign of the happy fake mask laugh many JE idols have learned to adopt to keep the fans happy.
He was overcome with the urge to be the cause of such a joyous laugh. It always made him happy when people laughed at his jokes, peoples faces lighting up in genuine amusement all thanks to him.

And so anyone walking by at the right moment later would have witnessed the strange sight of Taguchi Junnosuke jumping out on the unsuspecting Leeteuk as he walked by. Exclaiming the phrase:

"Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi desu!!"

complete with hand gestures and huge grin. The echo bouncing off the walls only emphasising the stony silence of Leeteuk's shell-shocked expression...

....before bursting into peels of laughter, doubling over for a minute to clutch at his stomach.

It was all Junno hoped it would be.
Tags: kat-tun, super junior
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