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F.o.P Headquarters for the Criminally Perverted.
Fic: Voice Control 
2nd-Aug-2009 11:30 pm
NewS dork power!
Title: Voice Control


Rating: P for porn :P

Warnings: Slight bondage.

Summary: Koyama is putty in the hands of the right voice, or voices...

Notes: For je_fqfest written for joshua_glass I hope I managed to write something you'll enjoy ^_^

Post Reveals Notes: Not nearly as debauched as I'd have liked but rather good considering by total lack of time while working in Korea and thus not nearly the level of my je_hols fic as I would have prefered. In fact most of this was written in a notebook on the subway while I hoped that the Korean people sitting next to me either couldn;t read English, couldn't read MY English or didn't care XDDD

It was common, rumour-based, knowledge (which of course made it undeniable fact) that Koyama's relationship with Shige was a lot closer to the four letter L word than a manly, heterosexual, "watch sports and drink together" type of friendship and Koyama would be the first to admit that he was devoted to Shige, but at the same time could never quite picture his friend as anything other than that.

His attentions rested, in that respect, on someone much less 'friendly'.

Koyama would've loved to think that he was subtle in the way he watched Ryo, pausing only a moment to savor the way the husky timbres of that voice would slide across his senses and take control of his mind, knowing without a doubt that should he be given a direct, assertive order, he would follow it unequivocally, powerless to resist the innate submissive compliance that it awakened in him.

Not that this would ever happen of course; with the way he watched him it was impossible to miss that Ryo was involved with someone. That subtle change that happens in people when they have the confidence of being attached and lazily unattainable. The security of having 'someone to go home to' and, of course, all the sex that no doubt came with it.

It pissed him off that someone else had gotten to his interest before he had, but mostly he was angry at himself for not having the balls to do something about it before this situation inevitably came about.

But at the same time he was glad for it, because Ryo had this look. A look when he forgot himself and thought that no-one else was watching. An open mouthed, far-away gaze that brought a light tint to his cheeks and painted in an unmistakable fashion that said 'I'm thinking about something dirty right now'.

And it was the sexiest thing Koyama had ever seen.

So, far be it from him to imagine that he would be lucky enough to have that look directed at him; living in reality is enough to make someone of even Koyama's formidable optimism into one who wasn't blindly so.

So it wasn't surprising that he did a rather comical, 'I'm glad no-one was watching me to see how completely over-the-top that was' double take when he opened his hotel room door to slump down on his bed after a well deserved and equally tiring sojourn to the hotel sauna, to a sight previously only available in his runaway subconscious.

A prone form, lit only by the dressing table light, left on no doubt for dramatic effect, which could have been the work of anybody in the company, given the way the flair for the ostentatious eventually rubbed off on even the most determined to stay manly. The look that had been suitably achieved as his thoughts skidded to a screaming halt to be replaced by HOT NAKED HOT NAKED SEX HOT NAKED HARD.

He moved forward into the room without consciously moving his feet, like some airport-style conveyor belt system had been set up as a new hotel gimmick to ferry people into the rooms faster, and nothing to do with merely wanting to get a closer look at the form on the bed.

The words 'Property of ...' were painted in jagged red letters on an otherwise flawless and delectable expanse of pale skin, just beckoning him even closer to read the name of the owner of such a prime piece of arse or indeed to confirm the body to which it was attached, because thanks to the angle of his vision from the doorway all that was offered to him was the long legs braced against the bed and the backside thrust quivering into the air.

But all it took was one more step to catch a glimpse of a face so familiar to him, now viewed in a whole new, much less clothed light, now also equipped with a piece of thick black fabric across his eyes, in no way concealing the other man's identity, and looking damn sexy to boot.

The inner block capitals previously screaming various permutations of HOT and SEX occupying his head space now cowered inferior under a monolith of 3 block letters.


Such obnoxiously insistent letters that momentarily caused Koyama to overlook the writing he had previously spied to move closer and inspect this unbelievable sight being presented to him, reaching out an assertive hand to grasp a muscled shoulder and turn the younger man onto his back and thus display himself fully to Koyama's perusal.

A muted growl through gritted teeth at his action reminded him that this was Ryo, and not some passively compliant spineless nobody beneath him, that there was a prideful fire to his spirit and some proper bite to his demeanor, that he mustn't take this opportunity for granted before Ryo was once again free... and clothed and ready to kick his arse for whatever Koyama was about to do...

But despite strong evidence to the contrary, this wasn't in fact the most surprising thing about this display of nakedness in front of him. Upon closer inspection he discovered there was more writing, Of the instructive kind.

He wasn't sure whether to be tempted or insulted by the detail of the instructions, painting (quite literally) a picture of how he was to treat his prone subject, as though he was incapable of figuring out the mechanics of it for himself. But at the same time uncovering an interesting insight into Ryo's mystery partner's activity with the man.

In fact, if he hadn't been so distracted by the treat before him, he may have puzzled over the intricacy of the words written across his skin, demonstrating such care and attention and time. No doubt further taunting its recipient with feather light touches on naked skin. Delicious ripples and flutters of reaction, flinching and shuddering away from the writing implement. Subtle noises of discomfort at not being given more solid attention, at having the experience prolonged so teasingly before the main reason for this whole set up was even close to entering the room, the mere thought of the wait before some truly satisfying skin on skin contact, seeming to expand into an ordeal of epic proportions, but in the next second the thought of just how pleasing the outcome would be making him twitch in a much more southern region.

Until it dawned on him that whoever had written these 'instructions' knew him, had caught him staring, knew that he had been watching someone else's property and knew exactly what he wanted to do should he get his hands on it.

And get his get his hands on it he would indeed! Fully planning to take advantage of it, making sure he didn't make any noise, didn't do anything to give himself away, then the prone individual wouldn't have any idea who it was that was giving such pleasure, and pleasure was a certainty in his mind now. Even his ingrained cowardly self protection tendencies wouldn't let a situation like this slip past him.

But he had been too slow on the uptake. His breath catching as he felt another person in the room with them and a strong hand creeping around his torso from behind to splay possessively over his chest, fingers applying just enough pressure to make clear that flinching away or escaping would not be best received.

And as impossible as it would've seemed to have his attention torn away from the display of naked invitation in front of him, his mind refocused itself firmly on the presence behind him, dark, dangerous and controlling in all the right ways.

Hot breath, huffing, animal-esque over his shoulder, turning his neck a shade of blush that he convinced himself was nothing to do with the submissive wave of desire triggered by this intruder. Every part of him shifting to accommodate the new situation and ready and willing to play his role to perfection, as soon as the most recent visitor spoke.

And syllables had never seemed so sexy.

"Didn't you like your present? You haven't even unwrapped it yet..."

Every ounce of dominance that had been summoned in him when he came upon a bound and blindfolded Ryo, just ripe for the taking was dispelled the moment this new voice came into play, the voice that wouldn't take no for an answer.

"I left the gag off on purpose, I know how much you like his voice."

But despite, or maybe due to this, Koyama found himself unable to follow through. Possibly not knowing where to start, or whether this was some cruel prank to get him to reveal his secret desires before the rest of the band jumped out and yelled surprise, that he was on some evil hidden camera segment. Or maybe it was simply that he didn't want the control, that he was urging the phantom voice to take control for him, to show him why Ryo was with him and not Koyama.

And the voice, benevolent as well as damn sexy, let him have his wish, reading his mind as only fantasy-come-true scenario voices can do, and redirecting his hands to cover Koyama's and guide them into place on Ryo's body.

He traced curved contours and sharp planes with reverent fingers like he was physically appreciating a piece of art rather than a human being. Made all the more perfect to appreciate by its imperfections, small missteps from sculpted brilliance merely serving to remind him that this masterpiece was living flesh and not cold, unresponsive marble.

And of course, there was also the skin, warm and responsive beneath his touches, the subtle twitches when he teased with featherlight contact and light jerks, accompanied with surprised gasps when he exerted more pressure, feeling heat flush the pale surface at his touch and connecting an imaginary trail of blazing warmth denoting his previous path.

Beads of sweat forming on the surface and just begging him to taste the scent of the man he so desired. To lick down the curved line of his spine as he once again turned the younger man onto all fours.

And yet he still remained hesitant to cross that boundary into forbidden territory, into touching the truly erogenous areas of the body, to ignite unmistakeably sexual pleasure from the other man, retaining the idea that it would be wrong to do so, taking something that wasn't his to enjoy.

But the almighty power behind him had other ideas, cutting him off in his artistically reverent daze and reaching a hand under Koyama's robe, his sole item of clothing, and thrusting slicked fingers inwards and upwards causing all of the red haired man's movements to falter in their graceful display of appreciation.

The movements were so efficient in preparing him, yet somehow hitting every pleasurable point along the way, an almost disturbing ventriloquist parody as Koyama felt completely at the other man's control with the slightest movement.

He didn't have time for that now, a hunger for more fulfilling contact, a frantic desire to have it all now that he'd been given a taste, eagerly changing the directions of his touches to prepare Ryo in turn, only to have them callously slapped out the way, an amused tutting sounding behind him.

"There'll be no need for that, he is more than ready for you."

Skilled fingers guided him, almost child-like, into position, as Koyama remained powerless to contest or resist, and removing the digits from behind to nudge a much more solid object in their place, the force as he was penetrated echoing forwards as he himself entered Ryo.

It was a feeling that set all five senses alight, with a power so intense that he could no longer comprehend it logically, what he was feeling, his brain shutting down in the face of such an onslaught and his body taking over control to enjoy those two men to the fullest.

He was utterly at the mercy of the others as they set a pace that was both frenzied and perfectly in sync, and if he closed his eyes it almost felt like he was fucking himself.

Every orgasmic squeezing of muscles around his cock echoed from his own muscles fighting to keep the intrusion behind him inside, eager to retain every pleasurable twinge of nerves that was being set off by its presence inside him.

The gasps spilling from Ryo's unoccupied lips beneath him were mixing beautifully with the deep grunts from behind, and yet still leaving room for his own input of reaction noises, adding to, rather than disrupting the harmony that the two other men made together belying their familiarity with each other in bed.

A cacophony of gasps and moans filling his ears and his mind, driving him crazy with the frantic pace, deafening him with the situation yet still able to hear the one word uttered from his aggressor, whispered and faint but as loud as a thunder crack splitting the storm to Koyama.


A surge of sensation hit him, so strong that his thoughts turned white as his mind clenched down to trap the moment in his memory, leaving a hazy sheen on his eyesight when he again managed to prise his lethargic eyelids apart, to find himself alone in the room with only the dull ache of phantom pressure serving as a reminder of what had just happened, a poignant statement that this was merely a flight of fancy to the other men, never to be repeated.

That and the shadow of red jagged words that he had never read, mirrored into his abdomen.

End Notes:
Yes, I had someone in mind as the 3rd person, but I thought I would leave it open to interpretation so anyone can picture it as they like!
7th-Sep-2009 06:25 am (UTC)
i'd lvoe to think that Pi was the third person lol :))
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