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Fic: The Victor

Title: The Victor
Bands/Pairings: Yamapi x Ueda
Rating: R possibly light NC-17
Warnings: pool sex
Words: 1,680
Summary : Ueda loves the rush of a good swim, Pi loves the rush of Ueda.
Comments: Written for a request for Pi/Ueda pool sex on jackoweskla's JE Rairpair anonymeme and dedicated wholeheartedly to my FoP bestie beevosteethos  who's fabulous birthday it is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (snuck one more in there :P) <333

Also thanks to snoozing_kitten  for reading it through for me, but all mistake's are totally my own ^_^


Ueda loved the heart-pounding workout of swimming laps in the JE pool. As though he had no choice, he was swimming for a purpose, for his life even. Of pounding away feeling his muscles burning with the effort. It was intoxicating, an all encompassing all consuming feeling. Like being transformed into a powerful spirit fuelled by the water.

He was so absorbed in his exercise, he didn't notice that he had an observer.


Yamapi had expected the pool to be empty at this late hour and his plans had been to get some solid un-interrupted time in the water instead of the gym for once. Upon watching the pools occupant however, his plans took a serious shift and he could honestly say he didn't mind in the slightest.

It was a thing of beauty, watching Ueda swim. Watching him haul himself through the water with such power. At this moment, he could not fathom how people referred to Ueda as feminine, as girly. He was graceful, but it was a lithe, streamlined masculine grace, that made his breath hitch, his jaw drop and his vision zero-in. Right now, nothing could distract his attention from the captivating sight before him.

Competitive animal instincts took over, and before he knew it he was sliding into the water, to race, beat, overpower the other man.


The predatory focused fashion with which Yamapi swam towards him went once again unnoticed by Ueda. But the presence of a competitor did not. It was with a determined joy that he took on the unspoken race. Mentally grinning and laughing as he gradually clawed his way in front reaching the opposite wall undoubtedly first.

About to push off to continue the race for another lap - and win again his subconscious crowed - he was stopped short. He was being held captive, crowded against the side of the pool by the looming shape of Yamapi.

Adrenaline still pumping, chest heaving and breathing harshly from the vigorous race, he glanced up into Pi's face, and couldn't stop the sharp intake of breath at the feral look shining in his eyes, not in surprise as he'd expect, but in answer. Something about his heightened state of mind right now was responding to the dominating presence of Yamapi and he willingly tilted his head up to receive the possessive kiss that the other man leant down to deliver.

Heat. Heat and desperation were all that registered as he arched to get more of the younger mans skin touching his. Only to find he was already there, sandwiching him between the harsh unforgiving pool wall at his back and the slick, soft, burning body in front of him. Pi's arm's moved to rest on the side of the pool behind him, surrounding him with a cage of possession and he helplessly bowed to its will.

A hand came up to grip the back of his hair firmly and he moaned wantonly, so unlike him, but he was too swept away to care. Especially when the moan allowed Yamapi's roving tongue entrance, staking his claim on his insides too.

But it still wasn't enough.

Ueda wrapped his arms around Yamapi to clutch at his back. Feeling the muscles bunch and shift under his fingers, running them down to try and pull his hips closer and to tug his swimming trunks down, only to whine slightly as Yamapi's hands shot back to grab his wrists and halt his efforts.

"Eager aren't we?" pulling away, his voice dripping with confidence, "but I'm running this show"

Now that rekindled the competitive fire in Ueda. He wanted this now, wanted to get off with Yamapi, be fucked by him, but that didn't mean he was going to be all pathetic and submissive about it. He would let Yamapi think he had control for now, as long as he was unwittingly playing along with Ueda's vision of how this should go.

Smirking unseen as the taller man bent to lick a path down his neck, sighing happily as he felt hands slide inside his shorts to grip his arse briefly before pulling the waistband out and down so Ueda could kick them off. Grasping Pi's hands which were now spreading his arse, he guided them inwards with a very convincing breathy "please".

Ueda lifted himself up fluidly aided by the water to smoothly wrapping his legs around Yamapi's waist, he revelled in the sensations as a finger worked it's way inside and the other man focused his oral attentions upon the mole on his collarbone, such a useful tempting little mark that is was. This playing the lost to pleasure pliable participant was kind of fun and all he needed was a well placed gasp or plea to have his whims fulfilled.

Mmmm, Ueda was definitely enjoying the focused attention being paid to him. The teeth worrying at his collarbone with frequent wet licks of tongue, the conflicting sensations somehow equalling more arousal together than the sums of their parts. His head was thrown back bearing his throat for more of Pi's addictive mouth, canting his hips back to urge the finger deeper in a graceful arch.

Swivelling his hips to work around the added second finger, a much rarer sight to be sure, Ueda-hips only come out for special occasions but that didn't mean he was a stranger to them, oh no, quite the opposite. Refined into an intoxicating, knee-weakening art, he gleefully displayed upon the entrance of the third finger, definitely having an effect on the man inside him as he paused in his mapping of Ueda's neck to gasp, wetly, open-mouthed, unashamedly, no doubt imagining a rather more straining part of his anatomy in place of those three fingers.

"God Tatsuya, where did you learn to do that, you feel uunnnnnnnnnnn" trailing of into yet another groan as coherency evaded him after another gyration. "Ahh, I need to get these off need to be inside you now!!" tugging uselessly on his trunks as the man around him was obstructing their removal.

Ueda disconnected himself from Yamapi so the other man could divest himself of his only piece of clothing, taking his chance with the unguarded, now fully naked man. Springing up to wrap himself back around him, the momentum driving Pi's back against the poolside and landing a harsh bite on the juncture of neck and shoulder.

Pi let out a shout of surprise, morphing into a deep groan as Ueda reached behind to stroke his cock teasingly.

"Not so in control now are we Yamashita?" licking up his neck and towards his mouth, which fell open expectantly. "Who's the eager one here, hmm?"

Large dilated eyes gazed into his, trying to read the unreadable, to get back in control. But Ueda was finished playing to Yamapi's whims, he was 'running this show' now. And there it was, the spark of defeat, that which he loved to see, as Pi accepted his place in this. That was all he needed and he wasted no time in sinking himself down on Yamapi's eager cock.

Enough of the games. However composed Ueda's mental state may be, his body was thrumming with pent up arousal, he wasn't going to waste time with slow and gentle. Clenching his rear muscles to spur the other man into action, the water splashing around him as he fucked himself on the all too willing Yamapi. As though his defeat had connected him to his victor, Pi's thrusts combined with Ueda's in a beautiful display of synchronicity. They both dripped with water and sweat, and panting heavily as a chaotic ballet of water flew around them framing the glistening picture of pure animal instinct they created.

Had he had the breath to spare, Ueda would've laughed out loud at the heady mixture of feelings all combining to a much sought after high, even his blood-pumping swimming couldn't reach. The fingers digging into his arse as Yamapi gripped him, the stroking of his insides sending sparks of pleasure across his vision, the perfect slide of his cock between their abdomens, the hair twisted around his fingers as he grasped him, and the openly welcoming mouth as his tongue hungrily completed the circle. Claiming the other man more profoundly this way than the other could ever hope to achieve.

The tempo was becoming frantic, less fluid, pinnacles hurtling closer, shattering the rhythm A cry rang out, echoing off the walls of the pool, a groan but with a melodic beautiful underlying sound, soon joined by a gruffer yet complimentary voice, before all became quiet again. The water back to a serene, unblemished surface, as panting breaths floated fading across it.


Pi had never been one to delude himself with rationalizing and wasn't about to start now. He may have been the one doing the penetrating but he recognised that he was in no way the dominant one in what just happened, however you looked at it.

Ueda was somewhat of an enigma to him, and to a large portion of the company, but never in his wildest dreams (well passing fantasies really, because however little contact Yamapi had with the other man, there was no denying that he was downright gorgeous) would he have thought he was concealing such an engaging creature within. Now that the mysterious veil had been lifted frm Pi's eyes, he would definitely not be playing ignorant from now on.

Happily Ueda looked to not be adverse to the idea either, as Pi watched him swim lazily over to fish out his discarded trunks, scooping them up but not bothering to put them back on as he climbed out of the pool. This gave Pi a much appreciated enticing view of his lovely arse as he walked away.

One last challenging glance over his shoulder and Pi was already anticipating their next encounter. "Give it your best shot" it said "Let's see you try to beat me." "Conquering you will just be all the sweeter after putting you in your place."

Yamapi was up for the challenge.


Well it wasn't meant to be this long and there's probably loads of jarring writing in it, but any longer editing and I'd nit-pick it to death! :P

Oh and yes I know there's no evidence of lube and water would make a crap substitute, BUT it would be really weird for Pi to randomly carry some around in his swimming trunks wouldn't it? So indulge me please? and I hope you liked it ^_^
Tags: j-pop, kat-tun, news
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