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F.o.P Headquarters for the Criminally Perverted.
And yet another another set of drabbles to post, because I am utterly… 
8th-Dec-2008 12:54 am
NewS dork power!
And yet another another set of drabbles to post, because I am utterly useless at the moment at coming up with anything interesting enough to make it a decent length after I have been so exhausted of words from JEhols :P

But I hope there's a bit of something for everyone here to enjoy maybe?

Jin/Ueda play a little song for me

Jin loves Ueda's music, the way his fingers glide across the keys of the piano so effortlessly creating such heavenly sounds, long and graceful and seemingly fragile against the square flat keys beneath them.

He loves the way he chews on a pencil while he is thinking leaving not a writing implement in the house that doesn't have imprints of the older mans teeth that he can feel beneath his fingers whenever he leaves a note or just idlily twirls one around his palm just because it's there.

He loves the way is hair is so tousled and unkempt looking, and sexy beyond anything, from running his fingers through it in thought so many times and especially when his glasses has been knocked askew ad not straightened because he is so absorbed in his work.

Jin likes to watch him, in a moment of peace when he is sleeping, awkwardly propped up on one hand after staying up all night to get his musical vision to journey from his cluttered mind singing the notes in a jumble of possibilities down ad cemented onto paper to be solidified in its existence. Yet he is so cute, the way his hand is smushing his glasses into a crooked slant across his nose and his eyelashes are fluttering ever so slightly in whatever dream his exhausted mind has conjured up.

And this scene speaks more vividly than songs Ueda could play for him ever would.

MaruJunno, that’s not how you do it, 5

Nakamaru was well known for being a bit bumbling, part of why Junno found him attractive in fact, that slight lost lamb attitude whenever he made the moves on him and the fact the older man had no idea just how hot he was under all those cardigans, but that just made him all the more alluring.

He found it amusing to turn on the charm and watch the other man stumble and trip over his long practiced words and bush such an adorable colour as words as dirty as the sun is hot were purred into his ear from behind at any given opportunity.

But Junno found he was being drawn in by his own teasing, arousing himself with his own jibes and he became tired of the game, taking the next opportunity to take this 'thing' a step further.

And where better to steal a lip-lock than a handy jimusho broom closet, perfectly located to kidnap an innocently passing by bandmate and make use of the slightly flailing surprise to pull Maru into his arms and steal a kiss that was in no way chaste.

Junno was very proud of himself to be dissolving his elder in desire right about now, but all he got in response was a muffled hmph of dissatisfaction, and before he knew it Maru was taking control and showing him exactly how it should be done.

KokiJin, girl, 3

Koki isn't quite sure when this thing with Jin started, but it's most definitely a 'thing' now, sort of a Booty Call type set up where when the need for release is too much, the other is only a phone call away; free minutes have never gone to better use in Jins opinion. The number of times Koki has come now with a husky voice crescendoing after strings of filth rasped for his ears only as he is talked along to orgasm with the older man, are being a bit too numerous for even his sturdy confidence and he's beginning to feel a bit embarrassed about the male fantasy set up they have going on and maybe they should actually talk about what they're doing, more than their usual opener of 'I’m horny.'

It really makes him wonder when he became such a girl...

RyoPi, dark, 4

Yamapi was never very expressive, showing next to nothing of what he was thinking on his face. He preferred it this way, it gave him an air of enigma and a sense of freedom to drift off into fields of thought completely inappropriate to the situation, like how much he longed to get Ryo home and in private. To decorate his exposed and taunting neck with his touch, to trace defined cheekbones with his hands, to mark him as his own.

So when Ryo comes in the next day, ugly purple blooming on his face, far darker and more foreboding than a mere fall down the stairs, no-one suspects a thing.

KoyaMassu, china, 2

When refused Massu was surprisingly persistent, contrary to popular opinion, so when Koyama adamantly stated that he would never again wear a skirt for all the tea in china it was with Massu's absolute pleasure that he proved the older man wrong. With the added bonus of no underwear too.

TegoRyo, tree, 3

Tegoshi had always had an appreciation for nature, of the brilliant colours that only nature could produce bursting into being in the spring and dazzling all who cared to look with their beauty. It fascinated him how one single tree could hold so much history etched into its bark and absorbed into its trunk, hold so many memories locked away in its branches.

So he stood, in the same place as he did every year, beneath the tree where he could still see the blood splashed across it's base that had long faded from sight, the place where Ryo had coughed his last gurgling breath as he struggled for air through a windpipe shredded beyond use as years of smoking finally caught up with him.

Ryo/Maru, whine, 4

Deep down Maru was a perfectionist. Would spend hours upon hours practicing his beat boxing until it met his high self-imposed standards. Would berate himself for slip ups and unrefined sounds. But when Ryo would take him by surprise, sliding a sneaky hand into his jeans to stroke him through his underwear the whine he would produce was cracked and flat, hell to his musically trained ears, and he didn't give a damn.

KameTego, down, 5

"Get down on your knees and show me what you do best, slut."

Kame had only even said these words because he was drunk, very, very drunk and no reservations left from throwing caution to the wind and finding out in the most direct way possible if Tegoshi really was such an easy lay as rumour would suggest.

But even within the depths of his drink addled mind he never expected the younger man to actually comply, expression changing instantly at his words to one of grateful servitude as he gazed upwards, seemingly innocently, under heavy lids, never breaking the shocking eye contact between them while his hands made quick work of removing Kame from the confines of his jeans and underwear.

Kame wasn't sure if he was honest if it was the relentless rhythm of persistent sucking coupled with swirls of tongue more adept than that muscle was meant to be capable of, or the look in those eyes of lustful enjoyment, so masochistically thrilled to be taking the older man in his mouth and bringing him to orgasm with his talents, that set Kame into coming down Tegoshis throat, but come he did and violently too, making his legs go weak and his back bow as he clutched desperately at the head buried in his crotch.

It occurred to him that he should be offering to return the favour, or something, slurring an offer to that effect, only to have his non-words, waved aside with the brush of a regal hand, hot breath appearing startlingly close to his ear as words crisp and far too assertive for a man who had previously been in such a submissive position, and Kame wondered if he had ever been the one in power here as Tegoshi's voice echoed in his mind. 'Anytime'

Tackey/Pi, car, 4

Yamapi loves to drive, immersing himself in the experience of controlling such a sleek machine and speed along smooth, dark roads so effortlessly; it made him feel powerful.

Thus he was not best pleased to receive a call from Tackey one evening, though ordinarily a much welcomed event, for the older man was drunk and pleading for a ride home and to be rescued from his inebriated, stranded state.

The grudging way he opened the car door for his beaming passenger said in no uncertain terms that no amount of sempai respect would spare Tackey his wrath should he mess around in, damage, or god forbid be sick in his precious car.

he could feel the anger slowly bubbling beneath the surface as he drove off and the happy prattle gave way to a hand playing up his leg, lectures about distracting drivers causing accidents on the tip of his tongue before Tackey uttered one sentence; 'You look hot when you drive...'

HeeDong, gallery, 6

Heechul loves to see Shindong naked, to take his time drinking in the sight of him spread-eagled and vulnerable with not a stitch on and to view the gallery of all their past encounters painted in marks across the canvas of the younger mans flesh.

The one on his hip when they were backstage at a performance, Heechul pulling him aside and giving Shindong the swiftest most mind blowing orgasm of his life, making him thoroughly struggle to perform Pajama Party despite the way the steps were etched into his muscles by now. He'd believe Heechul in future when he said he was bored with no schedule right now and pay more attention to him that didn’t involve potentially scandal worthy public displays of affection.

And the one on his neck where he had sunk his teeth into the tender skin to stifle his cries as he rode Shindong do hard that neither one could keep his wits about him, the tempo overwhelming them to an end they didn’t expect to be so swept away so quickly.

But his favourite by far was the one on the back of Shindong's neck, that even the man himself did not know about it, but Heechul knew and renewed the mark regularly to mark his territory as a warning lest anyone deem to over step their bounds.

And Shindong didn't feel any different.

LeeBum, irritate, 4

It irritated Leeteuk that Kibum was so stoic, that his face was always so expressionless and devoid of emotion, because for someone like Leeteuk who lived his life as the eternal clown, always happiest when getting a reaction out of people whatever that might be, someone who didn't react was the most difficult thing in the world.

He made it his unofficial mission to get Kibum to crack a smile, to get angry, to laugh at him, anything, constantly dogging the younger man to try and stir some kind of overt feeling him and consider his work a success.

But it wasn't working, he'd woken Kibum up at insane times of the morning and nothing, bought him his favourite movie on DVD as a surprise and nothing, so he was losing hope that this was all a waste of time, deciding to console himself with some ice-cream from the freezer, bending down to retrieve it from the bottom when he heard a chuckle behind him, 'Are you attempting to seduce me, is that what this is?'

'I wasn't trying to ...' but he was cut off by a possessive hand on his arse, a smirk that would be painted across his memory forever and a soul shaking kiss 'No-one shakes their arse in my face like that and gets away without a good, hard, fucking.'
8th-Dec-2008 03:16 am (UTC)
HAHAHA. Junno just got one-upped by Maru, how precious~

.... Koya-drag and Massu. Mmmmm. safdgddsadgfdsa super-yummy.

9th-Dec-2008 03:16 am (UTC)
He did indeedio! Surely Maru can't be as mundane as he sems on tv after all :P

Massu must has super iron will I reckon! He puts up with Tegoshi so well after all...
9th-Dec-2008 06:09 am (UTC)

i am under the ground,,
die because losing too much blood due to reading your fics..hihi
11th-Dec-2008 04:00 am (UTC)
Dang I should start putting on a bloodloss warning :P
11th-Dec-2008 05:38 am (UTC)
you should..you know you should..^^
9th-Dec-2008 09:16 am (UTC)
It really makes him wonder when he became such a girl...

This line just...

No words here.

But i thought i had an icon very appropriate for the occasion.

9th-Dec-2008 09:17 am (UTC)
oops. typo *blushes*
10th-Dec-2008 05:55 am (UTC)
lol the type looked kinda cute ^_^

and the icon is awesome XDDD
9th-Dec-2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
KoyaMassu was def. random, but very interesting:D

So when Ryo comes in the next day, ugly purple blooming on his face, far darker and more foreboding than a mere fall down the stairs, no-one suspects a thing.
This is awesome RyoPi, tehhe:D
Thanks for sharing:D
10th-Dec-2008 05:55 am (UTC)
LOL I do love me some random XD

I'm very glad you enjoyed it!!! Not so many people are fans of the darker fic stuff ^_^
11th-Dec-2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
where Ryo had coughed his last gurgling breath as he struggled for air through a windpipe shredded beyond use as years of smoking finally caught up with him

Sorry but I LOLed. HARD.
No hard feelings meant Ryo-tan! D=

These were awsume, thanks for the fun read~ <3
11th-Dec-2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
forgot to what cracked me up was because somehow Ryo here was overlapping the image of Shinsengumi's Okita coughing spittles of blood oh~so~ prettily under the blosoms in my twisted mind... *_*
12th-Dec-2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
LOL!!! I was quite possibly thinking of that when I did it, I can't remember, that or Moulin Rouge, all these deaths with pretty blood coughing :P

But I'm very glad you enjoyed them <3
13th-Dec-2008 01:02 pm (UTC)


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